CycletrolŽ Series DC Control

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Graham's CycletrolŽ Series DC adjustable speed controls provide rapid cycling capabilities, while offering higher reliability and lower maintenance compared to clutch/brake mechanisms. The Cycletrol Series consists of two product lines, the 150 Series rated for up to 60 cycles/minute and the C2000 rated for up to 30 cycles/minute.

Common Features:

  • All Cycletrol digital logic inputs are optically isolated
  • Versatile logic allows direct interfacing with switches and push-buttons or solid state devices
  • LED function lights are easy-to-see indicators of control status
  • Transient protection by voltage clamping MOV's and RC networks protect power components against power spikes
  • Torque limiting by the Cycletrol's adjustable current limit provides motor and drive train protection in the event of machine overloads or jams
  • Heavy-duty aluminum chassis or NEMA 12 enclosures

Cycletrol 150

The Cycletrol 150 is the fastest cycling DC motor control in the industry. On-board logic controls reduce costly external relays and timing circuits. The 150's reliability is exemplified by a two-year warranty.

  • Cycle rate up to 60 cpm allows quick, repetitive run/stop operation with cycling duty permanent magnet motors
  • Wide speed range with full torque available down to 9 rpm
  • Integral timer enables automatic cycling; eliminates external components and wiring
  • Start-up current (up to 400%) provides extra starting torque for fast acceleration
  • Solid-state dynamic brake circuit for faster response without the wear normally associated with a mechanical system
  • Magnetic circuit breaker standard on NEMA 12 enclosure models

Rapid Cycling DC Motors

Graham' permanent magnet DC motors are optimized for rapid cycling use with Cycletrol Series DC controls. All motors are in-stock for prompt delivery.

  • Designed to industry-standard NEMA frame sizes
  • 13 models rated from 1/8 to 5 HP
  • Easy access to brushes for quick brush replacement
  • Non-vented and fan cooled versions
  • UL recognized

Cycletrol C2000

The Cycletrol C2000 Series DC drive provides rapid cycling up to 30 cpm. The C2000 serves as an accurate speed and cycling control and is covered by our two-year warranty.

  • Economical alternative for lighter duty cycling applications
  • Wide speed range with full torque available down to 60 rpm

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