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Global Electronic Services provides an excellent service. Service is great, fast and proficient.
Al - Lufkin, TX

Their services are great. I love the fast turnaround.
Derrick - Prescott Valley, AZ

Global Electronic Services, Inc. has been a breath of fresh air. I was using their competitor and I found that we had a lot of items that they said were fixed, but were not. Globals' work is just what they say it is! If it's fixed, then it's fixed. They have fixed rush jobs for my company while I went to get lunch. They are always there to ensure your equipment stays up and running. If something can't be fixed, there's never a charge. If you're not using Global for your electronic repairs, then you are surely buying too many new electronic components. Don't just take my word for it. Give them a try and see for yourself. Thanks Global for the outstanding job you have done for us.
Mike - Norcross, GA

The thing that differs with Global Electronic Services is that you can actually talk to someone in tech support. Their communication is excellent.
Tony - Joplin, MO

I'm extremely happy with Global Electronic Services. They're our number one vendor for repairs.
Greg - Oklahoma City, OK

I have been doing business with Global Electronic Services for the past several years. They are the best in the business and have the fastest turn around we have found. I have sent them a variety of drives, circuit boards, monitors and many one of a kind item's. They always repair or find an alternative solution.
Johnny - Anaheim, CA

You guys are very quick and efficient.
Mary Ann - Williamsport, PA

I'm extremely happy with the repairs we've had done. I don't use any other repair service.
Peggy - Kingsport, TN

I just wanted to take time to thank all of the staff at Global Electronic Services. Everyone at your office has been a great help with all of our problems. Global Electronic Services has cut our down time and repair cost in half. Everyone has treated our problems as if they were their own. You do not find this type of service anymore. Your company has made our problems better, with your fast friendly service and standing behind your work.
Albert - Dublin ,GA

Global Electronic Services has done a good job with the repairs we've had done.
Hector - El Paso, TX

By all accounts, since becoming our exclusive provider Global Electronic Services has served our company's electronic repair needs quite well. We've been very pleased with their turn around time and overall work; it's been an improvement over our previous repair service providers. We've also been very pleased with the warranty that GES provides with their work on our ultrasonic equipment. Overall the combination of service and warranty should help us save substantially on operating and maintenance costs this year.
Michael - Norcross,GA

They are very efficient and provide high quality work.
Doc - Asheville, NC

I think customer service is excellent at Global Electronic Services and we plan on continuing doing business with them for a long time.
Neil - Sedalia, MO

Service is great, fast and proficient.
Shawna - Cheyenne, WY

Just a quick note to express my appreciation for your timely service and competitive pricing. In fact a few months back you folks repaired some Reliance variable frequency controls that were at least one if not two generations old. We received a call from the customer extolling the "amazing" job your people did in not only completely fixing the drives but making them look like new. We have sold electrical repair for years thru a number of outlets and have NEVER received that kind of response from an end user. You have made my decision much easier now when I have these opportunities. Thanks for your superior quality. Please send me more of your promotional material so that I may continue to market your services.
Sam - Canton, OH

I use Global Electronic Services because of the quick turn and the wide variety of items they repair for us.
Larry - Columbus, KS

Global Electronic Services is always very professional and reliable. I've always had a positive experience with them.
Freda - Baldwinsville, NY

I used to deal with four other companies, but now I give all my business to Global Electronic Services for their great service and timely manner.
Ed - Sparks, NV

We always send our repairs to Global Electronic Services.
Donald - Harvey, LA

Business has always been handled very well. Our customers have always been satisfied.
Pete - Lubbock, TX

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