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Industrial Electronic Repair Services

When you need someone to repair your industrial electronics, you need industrial electronic services that include comprehensive and rigorous testing. The right testing is the best way to fully diagnose and repair your industrial electronics, so problems do not happen again. That's why part of Global Electronic Services industrial electronic repair services includes continuously developing new test stands for load and function testing of your equipment.

  • 100% true load testing - In order to truly load test a repair you must be able to replicate the original errors, this is why we are constantly developing Test Stands so that we can load and function test every repair.
  • Dynamometers - A dyno is a specialized breaking device that creates a load by using two motors coupled together that turn in opposite directions presenting resistance to each other. We perform a two-step process for drive testing, an initial test to run a motor with your drive, then a final full load test on our 3 tier dyno.
  • Custom Engineered Test Stands - Provide full functionality and load testing for virtually all models for any manufacturers of industrial electronics.
  • Custom Engineered Servo Test Stands - Give us the ability to load and function test servo drives and servo motors.
  • Highly Trained, Certified and Experienced Technicians - We practice on going education and certifications to keep current in the fast paced ever changing electronic world.
  • 24/7/365 - We are here for you whenever you need us with 24/7 live support.
  • Component Level Repair - Because we repair down to the component level and we have the ability to reverse engineer and cross components that are no longer available, we are specialist in repairing old and obsolete equipment.

Let Global Electronic Services Handle All Your Electronic Equipment Repair Services

Whether it be component level failure, normal wear, environmental damage, software or firmware corruption. Global Electronic Services is here to help. We are a trusted partner for some of the top OEMs, manufacturers and distributors in the world because of our highly trained, certified and experienced technicians and our industry leading test equipment.

We refurbish and repair your entire unit, and fully test all equipment 100 percent before leaving the facility. You won't get your equipment back until we're confident it's going to work right. And if you have any questions, please take advantage of our 24/7 customer support, where a knowledgeable staff member is waiting to talk to you.

All repairs are evaluated, repaired and tested 100% prior to leaving our facility. Let us show you how to lower production costs by repairing your electronic equipment.

You can be assured you are getting the highest quality repairs in the industry with Global Electronic Services. Call us today for all of your industrial electronic repair needs, or click below to request a quote online or ask a question to one of our technicians!

You get all this plus a Global Price Guarantee, meaning we'll beat any competitor's price on your repair by ten percent. If your business works on electronics, there's really no other choice. Let Global Electronic Services take care of all your electronics maintenance and repair needs. Click below for a free quote on your repair services now.

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