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Electronic Encoder Repair Services

If you rely on electronic encoders for your business, you don’t trust your electronic encoder repair to just anybody. In fact, when your electronic encoders break, you may be tempted just to throw them away and buy new ones.

We think we have a more cost-effective solution. Instead of replacing, call Global Electronic Services for electronic encoder repair.

Reasons to Contact Global Electronic Services for Encoder Repair Services

Why should you call us for your electronic encoder repair services? Here are a few reasons:

We Are Kind to Your Budget 

You may be able to save your company considerable money by letting us repair your electronic encoders instead of replacing them. Our experts can make them run just like before without the expense of buying a new piece of equipment. Furthermore, we guarantee that we have the lowest price you’ll find, since we’ll beat any competitor’s price for the same repair by ten percent.

We Work Fast

When you use electronic encoders, you need them functioning every day, or it can create complications for your work flow. Our standard repair time is one to five days, so your downtime waiting for your repaired encoders is minimized. We get your encoders in, fix them up and get them right back to you. In fact, if it’s an emergency, we have a rush service that will get you up and running in a day or two as well.

We Guarantee Our Service

In addition to the Global Price Guarantee we already mentioned, you’ll also enjoy an 18-Month In-Service Warranty on your encoder when you get it back. This is an industry-leading warranty, and it means you’ll know you can trust us to get your encoders running the right way.

You should also know that as soon as we get your encoders, we’ll do an assessment so you can get a fair and accurate estimate of cost right away. You don’t have to worry about getting slammed with an unexpectedly high bill later on down the road. And while you’re waiting for your repair, feel free to call us anytime for an update. Our customer service line is open 24/7 to serve you.

Global Electronic Services Is Ready to Provide Your Electronic Encoder Repair

Don’t throw those broken encoders away. We can fix them and save you money in the process. Plus, our repaired encoders are rebuilt to last, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them again for a long time. Give us a call at 877-249-1701 to find out more. Or if you’re ready for your quote on electronic encoder repair services, contact us for that quote online.

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